robot-gearsWelcome to Alamance Makers Guild!

Alamance Makers Guild is a 21st century voluntary social and civic organization focused on helping Alamance County, North Carolina be a better and more attractive place through a shared joy of making things (technical to artistic, traditional to digitally fabricated, solid to virtual), learning and teaching, and creating opportunities for people from youth to retirees.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)

We promote STEM education and skills with the addition of the ‘A’ for Arts to make STEAM.


We work to help people start small maker businesses and create an environment attractive to new manufacturing jobs for Alamance County.


Alamance Makers Guild hosts monthly open meetings that are free and open to the public and include a speaker, demonstration, or activity. We also produce the annual Maker Faire Burlington with the help of our members and volunteers.


Founded in 2011, Alamance Makers Guild has becomeĀ a membership oriented organization with dues paying members.

We will always hold open meetings and events to serve the community. Your voluntary membership helps to generate funds that can be used to pay for our expenses, improve and expand our organization, and to reach back into the community in order to do some good around Alamance County.


We hope you and your families will join us for our open meetings, our activities, and forĀ Maker Faire Burlington. If you are willing and able we encourage you to support our organization by joining as a member.